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    Standard project
    Main points
    1 to 1
    Design sketch
    More than 1 million massive high-definition decoration effect map, 500 thousand sets of beautifully matched pictures for your selection and reference
    And always adhering to the "ingenuity", "artisan", "Carpenter" and "Shou Jiang soul" concept
    Guarantee quality
    Free redo of quality disqualification
    Free redo of quality disqualification
    "Product quality inspection report", "product qualification certificate", "environmental testing certificate" three cards are complete, all decoration materials can reach the international standard E1 standard; after the completion of the project through the national
    Good faith service
    Double return of material for non Edition
    Double return of material for non Edition
    All the time, it will be "integrity, professional, brand" as the foundation, the company adhering to the "customer first, quality first strategy" in the process of operation, and actively implement the integrity of service,
    15 year warranty
    Exclusive warranty for hydropower project for 15 years
    Exclusive warranty for hydropower project for 15 years
    From the date of completion and acceptance, the warranty is 15 years; seepage prevention and water and electricity. During the warranty period, the quality problems are caused by the improper construction of the construction party, and the constructor is responsible for the maintenance.
    Price transparency
    Budget price = settlement price, no additional amount added
    Budget price = settlement price, no additional amount added
    And the whole home based, authoritative, launch budget price = final price decoration pattern, to prevent misleading customers serious cost overruns. The world is changing, our service is unchanged.
    Eight advantages
    Unique design concept, affordable price, quality assurance, quality service, loading your life, ornament your taste.
    • 1Price——Free Jabber
    • 2Juhuasuan——High cost performance
    • 3Zero increase——Budget = settlement
    • 4Enough.——A packet in place
    • 5Fast time——Save time and effort
    • 6Quick quote——Amazing speed
    • 7environmental——Environment-friendly family clothes
    • 8Design sketch——Free 720 degree panoramic view
    Look at the case
    Discover the true decoration case of the District, exchange and decorate with the neighbor
    Service flow
    Select the high quality decoration company in the city, and the United States to ensure every step of your decoration
    Online booking
    Registration form
    amount of room
    Design of free room for decoration company
    Contrastive scheme
    Contrastive decoration company plan
    Sign a contract
    Signing contracts and Trusteeship
    Decoration money
    Decoration construction
    Workers are delivered by schedule
    Completion acceptance
    Acceptance through the whole house decoration index
    Enjoy the guarantee
    Enjoy the national standard quality assurance
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    Cooperative enterprise
    More cooperative enterprises for your reference
    Look at the offensive
    Learning decoration experience and exchange and decoration problems, easy promotion of domestic clothes~
    About Hemei
    In a word, it is personalized and customized, and the decoration saves money and money, as well as in the United States.~
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